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Paperblanks (blank)

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Available in a wide variety of patterns and designs.

Paperblanks paper varies slightly¬† in quality, but in general it’s pretty absorbant paper. As a result fountain pens inks tend to bleed and feather unless you write with a F or XF nib.

The paper has a lot of very faint horizontal lines, and a few vertical ones, visible that I think are a result of the production process. This give the paper some texture which makes it reasonably suitable as a sketchbook (graphite and colored pencils).
These ‘lines’ also help with drawing a straight line on the blank paper.

Binding type

Sewn, Sewn side


Multiple / Print

Consistent paper quality?

Paper quality varies


Hard cover


Back pocket, Magnetic closure, Page ribbon

Number of pages

144 pages

Opens flat?

Does not open flat

Paper color


Paper Ruling


Paper weight

85 gsm | 0.19 lbs

Price per page



2.2 cm | 0.87 inch


310 g

Works well with

Ballpoint, Colored pencils, Fineliner, Fountain pen (EF nib), Fountain pen (F nib), Graphite pencil, Iron gall ink

Size : Height

18.0 cm | 7.1 inch

Size : Width

13.0 cm | 5.1 inch